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Procedural Texts – Origami

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Origami Box

When you are finished the good copies of your origami box procedural text try making an Origami Ballon or perhaps an Origami Frog.

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Information Texts


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Find everything you need to know about Astronomy at the link below.

Interview with an Astronaut

Oceanology and Marine Biology

Interviews with Marine Biologists

If you had the opportunity to interview a Marine Biologist what would you ask them? Create a list of questions in your book.

Social Sciences

Social Science Encyclopedia

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  1. What is the study of social sciences?
  2. What is the name of the area of study dedicated to the study of the human mind?
  3. How are the social sciences different from humanities?
  4. Define the word scarce
  5. What institutions do political scientists study?
  6. Methodology. What do you think this word means? Brainstorm a list of similar words to assist with you what the meaning might be. Write your own definition and then look up the correct definition.
  7. Who was the first person to call himself a psychologist?
  8. What are qualitative research methods?

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